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I need to leave my rental property early, what are my options?

Posted: May 2017

Q: I need to leave my rental property two months ahead of the break clause, what do I need to consider?

A: If your tenancy agreement doesn’t allow you to break the tenancy for another two months, technically you are liable to pay the full rent for the property for another two months.

However, if your landlord is reasonable and you have been a good tenant, then I would always recommend approaching your landlord or managing agent to explain your situation and ask if they would consider releasing you early. Many of the landlords we represent will consider doing so, if the tenant has looked after the property during the tenancy and has been pleasant to deal with.

If this is agreed to, it will usually be on the basis that the landlord is not out of pocket. For example, you would need to ensure that a replacement tenant is found before you will be released from the tenancy. Additionally, if a replacement tenant is found who is not paying as much rent as you are, you will be expected to make up the difference for the remaining two months. If there are any additional charges incurred by the landlord, such as letting agent fees, then you would also be expected to cover those on a pro rata basis.

As with any working relationship, the tenant and landlord or managing agent relationship is important to get right, as this will go a long way if you do have a change of circumstances or need to alter the terms of the contract. This is the same when it comes to the end of a tenancy and you want to renew. Even if your tenancy agreement builds in an automatic increased rent amount if you do choose to renew the tenancy, a landlord may consider waiving this or reducing the rent increase, if you’ve been an exceptional tenant and they want to keep you. So, when you are living in your rental property, remember that treating it with respect can go a long way and save you money in the long run.

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