Block Management



Our team has over 25 years’ experience providing exception Block Management services in London.

SP Property Group work with all types of freeholders, including:

  • individuals who have bought the building freehold as part of their purchase of a flat
  • those who have bought a freehold as an investment
  • large institutional freeholders with significant property portfolios.

We manage all types of residential property including period conversions, mansion blocks and purpose built new developments, typically between 10 – 60 units per development.

Our services ensure that the buildings under our management are run efficiently, proactively and cost effectively. The clients SP Property Group act for benefit from knowing that their buildings are compliant with regulations and legislation, and that their service charge funds are being allocated appropriately and with transparency.

We believe good block management requires responsive communication and action, and this is at the core of every service we provide.

Appointing a block manager for the first time

Some of our clients are freeholder who have been managing the building themselves and are looking to appoint a block manager to formalise the process.

If you have not appointed a Block Manager before, we can guide you through the process and handle all elements, including:

  • reviewing the leases
  • advising on the services that need to be provided (such as cleaning, insurances etc)
  • ensuring that the service charges are correctly demanded
  • opening mandatory client deposit accounts
  • Assisting with any existing arrears
  • ensuring that you as the freeholder are complying with required freeholder obligations

Changing your block manager

If you are looking to change your existing Block Manager, we can provide a full service quote to compare with your existing management offering.

SP Property Group can oversee a smooth handover between your existing block management company for you and your lessees.

We work with our clients to manage their building according to their requirements, making changes where needed, yet keeping any existing arrangements or service providers (e.g. accountants) in place where relevant.

Why SP Property Group

Our block management division was specifically set up in response to resident demand for a transparent, experienced and professional block management service, with customer service at the forefront.

We are entirely independent and have grown organically through providing a superior block management service and word of mouth recommendations.

We are not constrained by out of date systems or the inefficiencies and frustrations that can come with very large managing agents where residents can be passed between numerous departments.

SP Property Group understand the importance of having a professionally run and maintained building, and we equally understand the fine balance of meeting the needs of both freeholder and lessees.

Our approach is to work with our clients, bringing valuable experience and expertise to the running of their block and forging long term relationships with them and the residents.

We place a strong emphasis on good communication, for example responding to emails and calls promptly, and our clients have direct access to their dedicated block manager.

Our services

  • Prepare a budget at the beginning of the service charge year
  • Request and collect the service charge contributions from each of the lessees in accordance with the lease terms
  • Hold all monies collected within ARMA specified client “trust” accounts
  • At the end of each financial year provide service charge accounts for audit by an independent firm of auditors
  • Request and collect / return any excess service charges at the end of each year
  • Allow access to lessees in accordance with the relevant Acts to allow the lessees to inspect the information and supporting documents that make up each year’s accounts
  • Consider and, if appropriate, re-tender all long term contracts to ensure best value is being achieved
  • Inspect the building as required and at least every month
  • Report on the condition of the building and follow up any relevant points noted at inspection
  • Instruct day to day repairs as required
  • Ensure all Health & Safety and Fire Risk assessments are undertaken and kept up to date
  • Maintain an up to date asbestos register (if required) and ensure that contractors working on site are aware of any asbestos materials.
  • Appoint and manage on a day to day basis specialist contractors e.g. gardeners, landscapers, cleaners etc
  • Advise on any cyclical or major works required and oversee those works
  • Instruct and monitor any contractors required on site and ensure that they are adequately insured and have suitable Health & Safety policies in place and that they are financially stable
  • Deal with all queries promptly [we acknowledge all queries within one working day]
  • Oversee and manage any on site staff e.g. porters / concierge (if applicable)
  • We can provide Company Secretarial services is required

Our fees

We charge a management fee from £350 + VAT per flat/unit per year (depending on the facilities within the building).

Our fees are fully transparent and we do not charge any mark-ups or accept commissions.

As well as acting for large buildings and estates, we also work with smaller properties where a scaled back service is required.


For further information or to discuss your requirements, please contact our Head of Block Management, Stephen Britton: +44 (0)20 7244 4480 or