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A unique service for SP clients

Family house in Knightsbridge managed by SP Property Group.

Uniquely, SP has created a home management service for clients who live in their own property, yet would rather avoid the time-consuming inconvenience of home maintenance.

From everyday essentials such as boiler servicing and warranty renewals to repairs, minor enhancements and more substantial works, your experienced SP Property Manager will provide a single point of contact and take the worry out of maintaining your home.

Access to our carefully vetted and trustworthy contractors from the corporate side of our business means that our clients benefit from an exceptional level of service and quality.

“Service was great, very professional, exactly what I was looking for! Fantastic!”

Managing Director, Deutsche Bank


We charge an annual subscription fee of £500 + VAT to have access to our property managers and contractors, plus a 10% + VAT arrangement fee of all works we organise.

Noel Kennelly

Head of Property Management

To find out more about our management services please contact Noel Hennelly

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