Rental Search & Relocation

We provide experienced and seamless rrelocation services to individuals and companies moving themselves or their employees.

Our service ensures that our clients have access to the best rental properties both on and off the market, with the most competitive rental terms negotiated and agreed on their behalf. We are area experts and our clients are given the confidence that they are securing the best possible outcome in the most efficient manner.

In all cases, our clients have one dedicated point of contact throughout the process. Relocating can be a daunting process and we firmly believe that having one dedicated expert to handle the entire process, from property viewings to tenancy term negotiations and meeting you on arrival is essential for a smooth, successful relocation.

We have won numerous awards for our service including “Best Property Finder, London” at the Daily Mail Property Awards; “Property Advisor of the Year” nomination by Spear’s Wealth Magazine; Top Property Advisors in the Spear’s 500 List; Silver Award for “Best Relocation Agency” at the Letting Agency of the Year Awards and “Best Property Finder” at the Association of Relocation Professionals Awards. We are also full members of the Association of Relocation Professionals (ARP).

If you would like more information about our services, please contact us: +44 (0)20 7244 4485