Rental Search

The SP experience

SP Property Group work with clients to provide a seamless and expert rental search service. Many of our clients are already very familiar with London but require a professional search service to add efficiency to the search process.

We ensure that our clients view the very best properties on and off the market. Once the right has been identified, we provide a significant competitive edge during the negotations as our clients are prioritised in the market and we secure the property on the best tenancy terms.

Our track record

Our track record and longstanding relationships bring efficiency to the process and give our clients a competitive advantage as they are prioritised by the letting agents and landlords.

Once we have sourced the right property, we expertly negotiate all tenancy terms and we have a 98% success rate of securing of our clients’ first choice property.

We are experienced at working with every situation and adapt to our clients’ needs and particular circumstances.

The award winning SP Property Group team has won numerous accolades over the years including “Best Property Finder, London” at the Daily Mail Property Awards; “Property Advisor of the Year” nomination by Spear’s Wealth Magazine; Top Property Advisors in the Spear’s 500 List; Silver Award for “Best Relocation Agency” at the Letting Agency of the Year Awards and “Best Property Finder” at the Association of Relocation Professionals Awards.

The process


We arrange a call or meeting to discuss and understand your requirements and priorities.


We conduct an extremely thorough search of the areas you wish to live in, both on and off the market. We then identify and shortlist the best properties according to your criteria.


We arrange and accompany you on the property viewing tour to showcase the shortlisted options, using your time wisely to focus purely on the right areas and best properties.


Once you have selected your preferred property, SP Property Group advise you on and commence the negotiation process to secure it for you on the most favourable tenancy terms including monthly rent, move in date, break clause, tenancy extension options and any additional special conditions or clauses required.


We oversee the entire tenancy drafting and reference process to ensure that all of the negotiated terms are reflected in the agreement. Once the tenancy is signed, we attend the inventory and check-in as your representative so that you do not need to be present.


On move in, we prepare a welcome pack tailored to your property and set up all utility accounts in your name(s).


We are on hand to follow up should any initial snagging/questions arise.

Our Fees

Upfront Retainer Fee£1,500 (deducted from the success fee)
Success Fee:5 - 10% of the first year's rent (charged on a sliding scale)
All fees are subject to 20% VAT.

What our clients say

You found me the flat of my dreams within one week. It is the best 2-bed flat in Chelsea that I, or any of my friends, have come across and you found it "off market" and on a tight budget within one week. Prior to instructing you I had spent four weeks and significant time viewing flats that were either mis-sold by the agents or wholly unsuitable.

Peter - Managing Director, Intelligent Property

I had to move out of my flat in 24 hours and had no interest in any of the flats I had seen, despite looking for a rental property for three weeks. Within 24 hours SP Property had found me a great flat, facilitated all the paperwork, organised a removal company for me and met me at my new property with the keys.

Tahir - Managing Director, Credit Suisse

Service was great, very professional, exactly what I was looking for! Fantastic!

A - Managing Director, Deutsche Bank

I found a rental flat I loved, but was dealing with a really difficult estate agent who was impossible to work with. I came to SP Property when it looked like I would lose the flat and you closed the whole thing for me that morning without any hassle.

Fiona - Trader, JP Morgan

Excellent service, achieved in a week what would have taken me anything up to six months.

Victoria - Financial Advisory, PWC


For further information please contact our Head of Rentals & Relocations, Amy Cleaver, who will be delighted to discuss your requirements: +44 (0)20 7244 4485 or