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'You don't know what you don't know'

Something we all share here at the SP Property Group – Settling in Division is that we have all, at some time or another, relocated internationally. We all remember the stress, the hassle and what seemed like a never-ending to do-list.

Having been through it all ourselves, we know first-hand what you will be feeling as you make the bold move to travel to a new home, often in a city you are unfamiliar with. Having one of our team, such as the lovely Amy Clever, our colleague over at Relocations & Lettings Division helping you find  the perfect home, is a great start to your move. Once she has found you your dream home, it’s over to us to help you get settled. We will look after everything from move in day and beyond, assisting with nanny finding, school selection and everything in between.

At SP Property Group we have been supporting and transitioning clients from most of the continents, helping them adjust to their new life here in the UK. We have been working with single executives with busy workloads but in need of an equally busy personal life, we have helped clients find a job whilst accompanying their partners on work trips and we have settled in families and their pets, helping them replicate their previous hobbies and routines whilst enhancing them by introducing some of the best experience London has to offer. Not only do we provide a blanket of comfort during the process but hopefully our clients agree we also get them excited about their new chapter as they embark on life in a new city.

How do we do this? How can we assure categorically that we are truly transitioning our clients from their current life & lifestyle into what London and the UK has to offer without disruptions, shocks and surprises?

  • Firstly we relate to our clients, we have done it before, we have moved internationally for work, accompanying a spouse or with our families. We have gone through the logistics palaver and the emotional rollercoaster, so we have walked in our clients’ shoes and from that place we offer a bridge to walk the transition with firm steps and steady pace.
  • Secondly we know what you don’t know. We are aware that human nature will make you assume that your ways of doing things, the institutions, services and processes might be the same or similar wherever you go. But they are not. That is why we manage our clients’ expectations and make reality checks along the process.
  • Lastly we will make sure our clients are not overwhelmed with choice and information, we tailor make the vast options out there to their very specific needs.

That is exactly what we did recently with a young family relocating from Boston, US. On our first conversation we found out not only what they were looking forward to with this important move, but their fears and worries,  which were made all the more pronounced due to the impending arrival of a new baby! We listened to their specific needs, lifestyle and their expectations of London. For the next few weeks we maintained weekly contact by email, with reminders, helpful tips and what to look for in their upcoming trip to start their property search.

The baby was born (uber cute baby boy) and he accompanied Mum and Dad on the house search. Not only was the house search accommodated to the feeding routines and rest times of mum and baby, but we provided some very important information that gave them not only peace of mind but a reassurance once the relocation was final. We searched the market and found a baby formula milk that would be the closest to the one they were using in the US, we advised them to stock up on that brand and they took it with them so in the peace and quiet of their home in Boston they started weaning baby boy off the US brand and getting him used to the UK one. By the time they moved (on 1st of Jan I do remember the day as I met with them at their new home) the first comment new-mum said to me was ‘he sleeps through the night with a full tummy, changing the baby milk formula was the best advice anybody has given us!’

After that day a very placid and growing baby accompanied us to city visits, introduction to mum& baby groups and even he had his first experience with a reliable sitting agency so mum could enjoy a grown up trip into the V&A Museum.

If you are relocating to London or just in the early stages of considering a move please do contact us as we can provide an insightful view of what London really can offer you, with no frills or grandeur, just pure honest truth.

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