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How many times is too many?

Peace of mind when relocating or setting up a new home is the ultimate commodity. Very few things in isolation are that complicated, but put them together, overlay a new job or settling the family and the situation can quickly become overwhelming or overly time consuming and your mind is no longer at peace.

At SP Property Group we fully understand the stress and anxiety that moving house, or even country, can have on the entire family, having supported many clients through this process over the years.. Our Settling In Service is here to take the hassle away from the process, leaving you to simply sit back and enjoy your time in your new home. We’ll take care of everything from the simple and basic must-haves like setting up your internet connection, waiting in for deliveries and organising your unpacking, to more significant support such as guidance on local schooling, nannies and social groups in the neighbourhood. Our team is here to help and be your trusted eyes and ears. Let us represent you on-site.

And that is exactly what we did when one of our clients was moving to London – their 7th international relocation in a matter of only a few years!

During our initial conversations we received a very clear message from the client: “I’ve had enough!”

The thought of sourcing services prior to arrival, finding reliable pet care and activities for the children during those first days wasn’t on the top of our client’s to-do list however, she well knew by her vast experience, that those were key to having a positive arrival to a new city and home.

“And the thought of unpacking all those the boxes??!!” it was the last push for a set back on her heels.

After our conversation we immediately sourced a few solutions to have the household ready for the arrival ie. internet working for those teenagers, cleaners, pet sitters and a list of places nearby where the children could enjoy an outing during the busiest times of the cargo arrival.

On the day of moving in, we turned up at the house whilst a crew of eight people were bringing in furniture, sports equipment, bicycles and boxes, dozens and dozens of boxes.

Unpacking so many boxes at once can be a hugely stressful experience and it’s easy for things to escalate out of control so it’s essential that this is done in an orderly and organised fashion. First, we instructed the removal crew to place all of the boxes in the corner of the rooms and open each one for us. Before you hold your breath thinking “are you insane?” we requested for them to emptied and piled up on the floor in a big mountain of stuff.

Why this way? 1. all the cardboard was out of sight – this is a big relief when moving houses – and 2. we were able to assess in one look what the task was ahead of us.

One hour later we had six rooms full of belongings, six huge piles of assorted items ready to be sorted. In the meantime the removals crew carried on assembling furniture, hanging pictures and trying all of us to not step on each other toes, literally!

Working in a team of two is the best way to tackle a mammoth task like this. One person is sorting, the other is folding, hanging and once finished then we discuss the final placement of clothing, shoes accessories, etc.

Six hours later, the children’s bedrooms were set, the playroom staged, the extensive wardrobe was organised by seasons, lifestyle and then beautifully displayed, plus the bathrooms stocked up, suitcases put away and not a single cardboard box in sight.

When we walked the client through the six rooms she was speechless, loving how the wardrobes were organised, how easy it was going to be for them to see what they have and most importantly follow the neat system of storage.

Finally she spoke and said to her younger daughter “You see?? This is the way you must keep your drawers and wardrobe AND I am not buying you more t-shirts!!”

We came back the following day to carry on with the kitchen, living room and office.

Just two days of our involvement on this move made a huge difference for this family on their first weeks of arrival. Our client summarised our assistance in a simple sentence “I wish I would have had you in my other six  relocations!!!”

 If you are moving house, relocating internationally or just need a refresher on how your house is organised, please contact us, we will be delighted to assist you with the most hideous tasks so you can focus just on enjoying your new home and wonderful life in London.

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